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i-TEAM is a specialist in PBX and PBX software solutions for the SME call centre market.

Our call centre service solution is specifically designed for SME Call Centre market (currently 2-200 seats). One such call centre software product is ActivCTI – a Call-Centre-in-a-Box solution.

Our solution currently consists of the following components:

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)


Call queuing
Real-time queuing information
Powerful group management & configuration
Unlimited groups
Individual group greeting messages
Group overflows
Real-time statistics – reports
Historical statistics – reports
Call routing based on DNIS
Operates with any PABX

Agent Desktop

Fully functional desktop client application
Inbound / outbound control
Breaks (customer-specific)
Unique login using ID, password & ext number
Wrap up (customer-specific)
Complete reporting of all agent events
Overflow receive capability
Free seating


Standard reports

55 standard reports (calls offered, handled, abandoned, group & agent productivity, etc)
Easy retrieval

Custom reports

Customised reports and third party products available
Easy retrieval

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrated / Transactional IVR

Caller is prompted to enter a number based on a menu selection
Information is retrieved from a data source and played back to caller
(e.g. balance figures or customer-specific info) 

Interfaces currently available

  • ODBC compliant databases
  • Telnet VT100/220 HTML
  • TCP/IP
  • Fax back solutions
  • Others available upon request

Auto-Attendant IVR

Option 1 – Routing

  • Caller is prompted to enter selection from menu list
  • Caller is routed to a specific department / extension / group
  • Can also be supplied as a stand-alone product to perform routing functions

Option 2 – Digits Capture (value-add to Option 1)

  • Caller is prompted to enter a reference / account number
  • Relevant data is transferred to the agent's desktop along with the caller
  • Unnecessary talk-time is eliminated


This is a pre-view dialler that automates the dialling functionality thereby improving the productivity and errors that are associated with agents manually dialling telephone numbers. The increase in agent productivity achieved to date is up to 80%.

Option 2 – Digits Capture (value-add to Option 1)

  • Automatic call launching
  • Call re-scheduling
  • Campaign controls
  • Increased dialling efficiency
  • Can be interfaced into Goldmine, Heat & other CRM &
    customer contact packages


This is a suite of products from fully featured predictive diallers, reporting, coaching, CRM and scripting tools to enhance the productivity of your Contact Centre.

Voice Recording Solutions

Recording Solution

Recording is commenced and terminated by lifting or replacing the telephone handset, giving the operator full control without having to install a CTI or SMDR interface to the PABX.

The advanced telephone handset trigger ensures a single recording per conversation per extension. This facilitates easy retrieval of unfragmented recordings (unlike other voice-activated solutions that generate numerous voice files per call, depending on voice activity).

Calls can be initiated or answered via the numeric keypad on a standard 101 keyboard, or using the normal telephone handset.

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