Lighting Automation

i-TEAM offers the following lighting automation solutions

  • Home Lighting Automation
  • Office Lighting Automation

If you are looking for a suitable lighting system for your business or home, speak to the experts at i-TEAM today.

Lighting and HVAC systems constitute up to 60% of the total energy consumption of a building. If these are accurately monitored and controlled, large savings on the energy bill will be realised.

i-TEAM offers comprehensive automation and lighting control solutions that can perform functions such as automatic intelligent light switching and dimming, boardroom automation and switching on and off of appliances and equipment. This building automation and lighting management is achieved through strategically placed sensors, remote control devices, wall switching control units and wall-mounted touch screen devices.

Automated lighting control systems may be hard-wired or wireless. Hardwired systems involve a central control panel with low-voltage wiring to connect the components throughout the house. Wireless systems can require central control components or can be built from combinations of switches, dimmers and scene controllers, which themselves are hardwired but communicate with each other wirelessly. In wireless systems, commands are sent either via radio or power line carrier. In short, hardwired systems must be connected with additional low-voltage wiring to communicate commands, while wireless systems communicate wirelessly or via existing power lines. 

Again, the primary functions of the system are on-demand and programmable dimming and on-off control for designated rooms or zones of light fixtures. Regarding dimming, the core idea is to program “scenes,” or various light levels for fixtures on a single or multiple circuits, that are memorised and recalled at the touch of a button. The scenes are accessible through a keypad or scene controller, which consolidate the function of potentially multiple dimmers into a single device on the wall and can be overridden by a central keypad or controller. The scenes may be utilitarian (for daily living) or mood setting (to create a desired ambiance).

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