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A really important aspect to understand about Small Business Server is that it is a stand alone server and thus all DNS requests should be focussed on internal searches. The trick is to setup the forward lookup zones within DNS. This will simplify your clients requests as well as lower the request for DNS over the internet.


Fortigate Dual WAN connections |  

In todays world, businesses cant afford to be without connectivity. i-TEAM like to recommedn that our clients install 2 WAN connections with failover so that in the event of a failure in one, then the services automatically failover to the second connection. This is easier said than done.

Once both connections are operational, the first thing that is noticed is that there in nothing going out of either connection!! This is purely because of routing. It is very important to understand routing if you want this to operate correctly. The process that needs to be followed is one where each protocol on the network is forced to use a specific route. This will also help with optimising WAN performance if it is setup correctly. The most important aspect is to have the last two rules in the routing selecting all services to run over each of the WAN connection ie. every protocol to be forced to use WAN1 and then another stating that every protocol to be forced to use WAN2. This will ensure that in the event of a failure all services are still operating.


3CX SIP Tunnel Setup |  

Many people around the country have downloaded the 3CX VoIP system and mostly it is an easy configuration. An important configuration setup lies with the firewall as this is where the protocols and routing for the SIP needs to happen.

More to follow.



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