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i-TEAM in partnership with Xpert Decision Systems (XDS), the newly formed black owned credit bureau in South Africa, offers standard trace reports for legal firms, debt collectors and tracing agents, credit profile reports for credit grantors and recruitment agencies, as well as commercial reports for commercial entities.  Through sophisticated data cleansing processes we are able to offer innovative tracing and collection solutions to drastically reduce the time and cost involved in consumer and commercial entity tracing, contacting and debt recovery.

Please Note: If you are looking for your free personal credit report, please contact the following number: 0860 937 000

How do our clients access the consumer reports?

Option 1: Online solution

The Internet-based online system uses powerful search engine technology to provide customers with real-time access to consumer information. Subscribers can cost effectively perform single or multiple searches using various intuitive enquiry tools.

Option 2: Batch solution

Bulk Processing of Information or Batch is a processing mechanism whereby large volumes of consumer information (200 or more records) are processed simultaneously. An Excel file is sent by the client to i-TEAM containing the details by which the search is to be done (e.g. ID numbers), the data is then processed against the XDS database and the results are mailed back to the client, resulting in significant time and
cost savings.


We offer:-

  • Unique comprehensive reports without time consuming drop down menus
  • Easy to use and reliable systems
  • Accurate and valid information
  • Quick turnaround times – information is verified instantly online
  • Real time access
  • Cost effective pricing models
  • Customer support
  • NCA compliant report
  • Only pay per use

    Debt Collector, Tracing Agencies and Legal Firms:

    i-TEAM's standard trace report is for you. This user friendly report includes:

    Identity Verification and ID Number verification: Verifies the existence and status of a consumer (e.g. deceased indicators and marital status).Computer

    Admin Order Checks: Determines whether a consumer is under administration order.

    Judgements / Court Files: Determines whether a consumer has any adverse information, sequestrations, judgements or defaults against them.

    Consumer trace Enquiry: The latest contact information pertaining to the consumer, including telephone number, address and employment information are provided.

    Consumer Trace Flag: Should we not be able to provide details pertaining to a specific consumer, a consumer trace flag can be logged whereby you will be notified when information becomes available.

    To view a sample of the trace report which is available to you, please click here.

    Should you belong to the Credit Providers Association (CPA), we can offer you more comprehensive account information on the consumer e.g. who the consumer holds accounts with and the value of the debt.  This additional information will be provided on verification of the clients CPA membership. 


    Commercial Entities:

    This user friendly report includes:

    Business Information: We have access to information pertaining to business entities via the CIPRO (Registrar of Companies) database in South Africa. We offer the following business enquiries:

    Business Trace Enquiry: This option allows our clients to search for relevant contact information pertaining to a registered business entity.

    Principal Member Trace Enquiry: This product provides information pertaining to the principal members/ directors of a registered business entity.
    All business enquiries are to be e-mailed to us as they are not available online as yet.

    To view a sample of the commercial report which is available to you, please click here



    i-TEAM understands the importance of cost control and as such structures its pricing models accordingly.  

    The higher the volumes of enquiries a client processes, the more cost effective the transactions become. Costs are negotiated per customer and several payment options are available.


    Please click here to view the application form.

    How credit bureaus get their information

    A credit bureau is a clearinghouse for credit information about consumers that gather information about your credit habits directly from your creditors.
    For example, let's say you apply for a credit card and provide the card company with all of your personal information, such as your name and address, your previous address (if you haven't lived at your current residence for more than two years), your employer, other credit cards you have, etc. The credit card company then contacts a credit bureau and reviews your credit report. If the company approves your application for a credit card, then the information you've supplied is forwarded to the credit bureau. That credit card company also reports your payment history to the credit bureau, so that becomes part of the report. The credit bureaus also access information about you from public record information such as court records.
    All of the transactions you have that involve credit are reported monthly to credit bureaus by the merchants or creditors you deal with.

    How Lenders Interpret Your Credit Report
    Your credit report only relays the history of your dealings with creditors. However, you need to look closely. There's information there that may seem innocent to you but not to potential creditors. This includes information like:

    • Inquiries - Every time you apply for a credit card to get a free travel mug, duffel bag, or T-shirt, you are adding another hard inquiry to your credit report. When potential lenders see these inquiries, it may wrongly imply that you're either in some financial situation where you need a lot of credit, or are planning to take on a large debt. Either can flag you as a high credit risk.

      Other types of inquiries, such as your own requests to view the report, employer requests to view the report and requests by marketers to get your name in order to sell you something, count as soft inquiries. These inquiries don't show up on the reports that lenders see, and therefore don't affect how they view your credit.

    • Open credit accounts - Another thing to watch out for as you gather all of those free mugs and duffel bags is that even though you may have forgotten about them, accounts you don't use still count toward your total available credit. Just as with the hard inquiries we've talked about, these can indicate to a potential lender that you could easily put yourself into financial danger with all of that readily available credit.

      You should not close out your oldest card, because it has the most history on it, but other than that, close the accounts you don't use. In addition to avoiding excessive available credit, you're limiting your exposure to identity theft.  Cutting up the card or just not using it doesn't mean the account is closed. You have to call or write to the card company and ask to close the account.

    • Missed payments - Obviously, your payment history makes a big difference. You should always make at least the minimum payment, or consolidate accounts to reduce your payments. These delinquencies stay on your report for seven years -- even if you've caught up your payments!  The same goes for accounts that creditors have turned over to collection agencies or charged-off -- meaning that they've written the account off as a loss.  Even if you do pay off the account at a later date, the charge-off or collection action stays on your report for seven years.

    • Maxed-out credit lines - Another thing that scares lenders is a maxed-out credit line (or two). This waves a big red flag and indicates that you may be financially strapped for some reason.

    • Debt in relation to income - If you have unsecured credit card debt that is more than 20 percent of your annual income, lenders may not want to give you the best deal on a loan -- if they'll take the chance and give you a loan in the first place. Work to reduce the debt-to-income ratio and you'll be able to get better rates on the loans you seek.

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